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   The Relationship Works

The Relationship Works

Find your way back to love

Our happiness in life is often dependent on the quality of our relationships. Struggles with communication, dysfunctional patterns of relating, and wounds from the past can leave a potentially great relationship in tatters. If you and your partner are struggling, you are recovering from divorce, or are newly entering the dating scene, I’m here to help. With extensive training and experience in couple’s counseling and healing of relationship issues of all kinds, I provide a safe, kind, and insightful approach that will get you back on track to create loving, supportive, and satisfying relationships.

- Kelly Beninga, MA,CHT
Online or Office appointments are available.  Find out more by clicking below:
Kelly Beninga, Couples Counseling


I use a holistic approach to psychotherapy and couples counseling that includes helping the client to gain insight into deep-seated beliefs and destructive thought/behavioral patterns, release unexpressed emotions that interfere with living fully in the present, and to see life experiences as growth opportunities rather than a series of unwanted problems.  My approach includes a melding of ancient eastern mindfulness and philosophy with modern western psychology. 

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