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Thanks for taking the first step toward healing of your relationship. It’s likely you are suffering, and looking for answers to get your relationship back on track. Too often, relationships are mired in pain due to conflicts and unconscious patterns of relating. Many couples need help in navigating the complex issues that can arise when two people choose to intertwine their lives. Asking for help is a sign of hope and courage. My aim is to reward your choice to seek help with effective strategies that provide both immediate relief, and healing of long-standing wounds and patterns that may predate your relationship. 


Relationships inevitably bring us up against our most painful unresolved emotional wounding from the past. My mindfulness-based experiential approach harnesses the potential of these conflicts, together with your natural drive to seek healing and growth, to propel you to new levels of self-awareness, healing, intimacy, and personal growth.

The journey from conflict to intimacy requires communication skills, personal dedication to the process, and a willingness to look into one’s self for the source of our own pain and dysfunctional ways of relating. The Relationship Works counseling supports this process by teaching communication skills, building empathy between partners, and through awareness-building experiential exercises. With this support, wounds from the past are released, understanding of our partner and ourselves is increased, and the joy of intimacy is created.

Just talking about personal and interpersonal problems like many conventional counseling approaches can provide insight to relationship issues, but rarely provides lasting change in patterns. True change requires more than an intellectual understanding of your problems. My experiential approach to resolution of relationship issues creates change right in the office by facing destructive patterns head-on and practicing healthy alternatives for emotional expression and behavior. Change is created on the mental, emotional, and body level so new ways of relating emerge naturally.

My extensive training in couples counseling includes The Gottman Method, Imago Couples Therapy, attachment theory based approaches, Hakomi mindfulness-based couples counseling, Gestalt therapy, and PAIRS couples workshop facilitation. I use an eclectic approach where the best tools and approach is chosen for the unique circumstances of each couple.

If you’re struggling and unsure of where to go or what to do, please reach out for a free consultation to see if we would be a good fit. I would love the opportunity to discuss what a good, healthy next step might look like in your journey.

Success in relationships is dependent on your willingness to look inside for your own barriers to intimacy and vulnerability.  - Kelly Beninga

Couples Counseling
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