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Climate Change Grief

Tools to Cope


climate change
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For those of us following the science and news on climate change, we are realizing that the future of mankind looks increasingly bleak. The climate crisis threatens to destabilize civilization in a fundamental way, resulting in a degradation of our quality of life, mass migrations, and widespread misery in some regions of the world. In addition, the lack of urgency within governments and some segments of the population can be extremely frustrating and demoralizing for those of us that are willing to face the truth.

Today’s extreme weather and dire climate predictions are intensifying the mental health effects of global warming, resulting in depression and resignation about the future. Many of us are suffering alone, with little social support to cope with the anger, fear and grief we are experiencing. My approach to climate change grief counseling helps you cope with these thoughts and emotions.

Part of addressing the grief , anger, and fear related to climate change is finding ways to channel this energy in healthy and constructive ways. This can include taking action to combat climate change in your personal life, in your community, and in politics. Feeling like you are making a difference is one of the best ways to relieve the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that are often present. With my experience in all aspects of climate change and mitigation, I can help guide you to take effective action in ways that feel gratifying to you.

The climate crisis can also raise existential questions about the purpose and meaning of life, how human nature has allowed this to happen, how to hold a spiritual context, and how to nurture hope and happiness in this dark time. I can help you address these questions in a supportive way, and suggest ways to reframe the crisis as a step in the path of evolution of mankind.

With a science background and a 25 year career in renewable energy to fight climate change, along with my counseling education and experience, I am in a unique position to support you in dealing with fear and grief about the climate crisis. Distance video counseling is available to support you in this process no matter where you live.

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