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Issues arising in relationships are often rooted in one or both partner’s mental and emotional history, including dysfunctional patterns of relating learned in our family of origin, unaddressed traumatic experiences, or other mental health problems. Our chronic patterns of thoughts, emotions, and ways of relating sometimes get in the way of leading the fulfilling lives we desire. Self-help books, workshops, traditional talk therapy, and simple will power can help us to try and change things, but all too often, the old patterns return.

Experiential individual psychotherapy can be a powerful tool to address these issues, either as an adjunct to couples counseling or to support an individual in healing and growth related to past, present, or future relationships. My approach to individual psychotherapy reaches and transforms core issues that have been limiting your life by using a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of the self – mind, body, and spirit. 


Rather than just talking about your problems, a combination of experiential approaches is used to access the root causes, thereby allowing your inherent mental health and personal well being to emerge.  By transforming the source of issues such as anxiety, depression, chronic fear, anger, lack of direction, or communication problems, lasting change is created. 

I typically use a mindful, somatic based approach to working with individuals. EMDR can be added to this approach as a powerful tool to release traumatic experiences faster and more completely than traditional methods. Identifying and healing attachment issues and missing experiences from childhood that impact your ability to relate successfully is another major focus that can create lasting improvement. Individual counseling can prepare you for success in relationships of all kinds.

Individual Psychotherapy
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